Admiring The Flowers


Today, Thursday, June 29th, I went  to my husband’s allotment for inspiration and I found it in the colourful flowers and the bees and hoverflies that also arrived.

And there was also a tiny ladybird (at least it looked like a ladybird) that caught our eye. We hadn’t seen one like it before. I wondered if it could be an Adonis’ ladybird, as the markings on the elytra look like those in the picture of this species on my Field Studies Council fold-out chart? I’ve included pictures from two different angles. I wonder if anyone can identify it?

The bright, cheerful colours of the flowers brought  a touch of summer to a rather grey day. However, at least it was dry and the wind was much lighter than yesterday’s. It was also interesting to see the very different shapes and styles of the plants and their flowers. Some were quite simple, others more elaborate. Nature has produced a myriad of different designs over the millennia.

I was glad some bees came along. The ones I saw were three different types of bumble bee, they seem hardier than honey bees and more able to fly in cooler conditions. It also meant I could have a  few more attempts at getting a better photograph of a bee.There were also quite a lot hoverflies I’m pleased to say. I’ll send the details of the bees to the Great British Bee Count, which finishes tomorrow (June 30th).

Although working on an allotment trying to produce your own food is hard work, it does take you away from the stresses of everyday life and get you back in touch with nature. My husband’s plot is one of many in  a large field close to where we live and let by the parish council. During my visit I heard a chiff chaff and a song thrush singing, saw several blackbirds making foraging trips for their families and a house sparrow around the hedge boundary.

Luckily, the heavy rain and strong winds over the previous 36 hours hadn’t caused too much damage to the allotment, although the polytunnel is perhaps a bit more battered. We think about 10cm (4 inches) of rain fell altogether, which is probably what would be expected during the whole of June. As well as numerous photographs, we left the site with some beetroot to prepare for another day’s meal.


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