First Sighting Of New Nestling



My wild tale for today, June 27th, features what must be one of the last blackbird nestlings to be hatched in our garden this season.

It appeared at the “doorway” of its home in the pyracantha this morning and frequently made little chirruping sounds. It was possible to clearly see its wide yellow gape.

The nestling looks out of the “doorway.”

For a while a parent blackbird chuntered away to it, presumably from somewhere in the garden and it seemed to chirrup back.

Then the mother blackbird flew into the pyracantha with a beakful of food and was faced with the youngster’s cavernous mouth. The little bird’s wings were flapping wildly, too. I saw this happen two or three times, the nestling remaining perched in the gap which led to the nest further in.

Feeding time!

I think this is probably the third brood the blackbirds have had this year. They’ve obviously decided the spiky pyracantha bush is an excellent place to house their young because they used it last year, too.

I’m not sure how many young the blackbirds have produced at this attempt; I only saw one youngster this morning. We certainly heard some very loud noises coming from the pyracantha this week-end. It didn’t really sound blackbird like to us! Perhaps it came from a very demanding youngster, or youngsters?

Once the forecast rain started falling,  the curious nestling disappeared further inside its home. As it is now quite well developed and seems robust, hopefully it will get through the spell of bad weather satisfactorily.


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