Our Grape Vine From The Woods


In March this year,  while working in Reffley Spring Wood, King’s Lynn,  members of the Gaywood Valley Conservation Group took cuttings from a grape vine which appeared to be very old.

Ours was about a foot (30cm) long. We kept it in a jar of water until it started to grow some roots and then moved it to a pot with compost. The cutting produced quite a few leaves before the roots started to appear.

Recently, we moved it to a larger pot and I’m pleased to say it still seems to be doing well.

The grape vine was grown from a cutting.

Today I  finally managed to complete a small task I’d been planning for some time – to prepare a small drinking water bowl for bees and other insects. I used a shallow saucer type container and put some pebbles into it so the bees will have something to stand on and not fall into the water. Hopefully, I will see them using it.

A drinking bowl for bees.

The buddleia at one end of the garden now has some purple blooms and is already bringing in the butterflies. I saw a small tortoiseshell feeding from the flowers this morning.


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