Conservation Activities At Salter’s Sanctuary

Monday is usually the day when the Gaywood Valley Conservation Group  carry out their activities and today we were at Salter’s Sanctuary, in King’s Lynn, to cut back undergrowth which was creeping across paths and to do a wildflower survey.



Among the wildflowers spotted on the site, which is owned by the local borough council, were viper’s bugloss, ox-eye daisy, ragged robin, marsh woundwort, wild mignonette, dropwort and maiden pink. There were also numerous different grasses.


The wildflowers draw in the insects to the site, ,which includes a wet area and some woodland. Today, we saw a cinnabar moth, bees, hoverflies, a male swollen-leg beetle, two seven spot ladybirds, two ladybird pupae and a ladybird larva. I believe I saw a red admiral  butterfly, but the rest of the butterflies I saw, and there were several, were disappointingly either flying too fast or settled in places which were too awkward to allow a good enough view!

A ladybird larva.



Background music was provided ably by a wren, goldfinch, song thrush, chiff chaff, blackcap, and house  sparrow.

A representative from Norfolk Wildlife Trust, who came to guide our efforts during the three-hour session, treated us all to ice lollies at the end! These were very welcome on such a hot day.


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