I Spot A Butterfly


I was delighted to spot a butterfly skimming speedily in the wind in our back garden this afternoon, June 15th.

It landed on the bird table so I grabbed my camera and went to stalk it. As I got closer it opened its wings slightly and I could see it was a red admiral.

Seeing this red admiral brightened my day.

However, it moved from its perch and resumed flying around the garden in various directions. I thought I had missed my chance to get a photograph, but then it landed on the spindle tree and I took a few pictures, gradually getting closer after each one.

It never did open its wings fully, but it was a joy to see. It could have been the first butterfly to venture into our garden since the visit of the orange tips during May. My son and I only saw one butterfly – a red admiral – during our walk in Reffley Spring Wood on Tuesday.

My husband reported seeing a speckled wood butterfly in the front garden during today.


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