A Walk In The Local Wood



Squirrels were very busy in Reffley Spring Wood, King’s Lynn, this afternoon, June 13th. They made their way slowly and silently across paths, pausing in the undergrowth and on logs. Sometimes, they would rush up the tree trunks, away from us.

Hornbeams dominate one of the entrances.

We caught sight of muntjacs wandering through the 8.4 acre semi-ancient woodland during what was a lovely, sunny afternoon.

Several birds, including wren, blackbird, chaffinch, blue tit, chiff chaff, and song thrush, sang to us  as we walked round.  A stock dove was seen foraging, in fact we  have seen these more often in the wood this spring.

We remarked on the amount of holly in the wood, and Stephen took some photos of  some of the bushes, illustrating how the light reacted on the shiny leaves. I’ve included one of the photos in this post; it shows a bush with some green berries growing on it. Another striking plant he photographed was a foxglove.

Berries are developing on the holly.
There are a number of foxgloves in the wood.

We were surprised, as it was a warm, sunny day, that we only saw one butterfly, a red admiral.

The red admiral butterfly.

As we set off on our walk we heard swifts calling and looked up to see three of them flying around above our roadway.


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