Watching The Webcams

After spending the early part of today, June 11th, drafting out a longer blog post, I decided to close with something restful, but still wildlife based.

So I ventured out into the garden with my tablet and found the BBC “Springwatch” webcams.

First of all, I watched the swallows’ nest. It was good to watch the baby birds with their spiky hairdos and seeing their reactions when the adult birds came to feed them. Then there was the buzzard nest and the kestrels’.

Watching the rabbits in the field made us laugh as one of them kept spinning round while it fed. They also did a fair amount of rushing about at top speed. The lambs in the background eventually seemed to join in, skipping about their field. There was a maximum of four rabbits in the shot.

Enjoying watching the webcams.

It has to be said that the BBC do a marvellous job setting up the cameras each year so that we can all follow the adventures of the various creatures virtually whenever we want. It makes learning about the wild easier and more accessible for a lot of people of all ages. A great way to unwind.


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