A New Discovery

Today,  June 9th, I believe I met a leaf-cutter bee for the first time.

To begin with, I heard a loud buzzing from around a watering can and I thought a bee had become trapped inside. The next moment, I saw an insect scrambling up over the can and saw that it was a bee with a small bit of green attached to its underside.

Keeping close to the ground, the bee made its way over to my feet and settled itself on the toe of my left canvas shoe, which is, appropriately, covered in flowers!

The bee was around the size, shape and colouring of a honey bee and it was clinging to a roundish piece of green leaf. I couldn’t take a photo as I hadn’t got my camera, or even some close focusing binoculars, with me. So I tried edging gently towards a flower bed in the hope the insect may settle there while I went to fetch a camera, but, guess what happened……?

Indoors, I had a look at the poster from Friends of the Earth, where one leaf-cutter bee is mentioned and on their app, it says they like nesting in bee hotels. This needs more observation and investigation, as I’ve never seen one in our garden before. Maybe we should put up a bee house.

Later, while looking round the garden, I got a photo of another bee and, after zooming in on the picture, realised the insect was covered in pink pollen.

This bee is covered in pink pollen.

The third insect I came across isn’t quite so welcome – it’s a vine weevil, which will chew the leaves and shoots of many plants and whose larvae chomp their way through the roots of pot plants and greenhouse crops.

A garden pest – a vine weevil.

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