A Visit To The Duck Pond

Three ducklings came over to us about three times while we stood and watched at the edge of Reffley duck pond after we had been to the polling station to vote in the general election on Thursday, June 8th.

They swam over towards us first of all and then clambered out of the pond and walked over to us, no doubt wondering if we had brought anything they could eat. They’ve obviously learnt quickly during their first weeks of life!

The curious ducklings.

Three older mallard ducks stood just to our left and when we didn’t produce any food, they got into the water and remained peering up hopefully at us for a few moments. There were several adult male mallards.

“Anything tasty down there?”

We had stepped a little further back from the pond edge and were just thinking about going home, when we noticed that some moorhen chicks were venturing out on to the grass to explore. We counted seven altogether. One adult moorhen led a small party off to forage in the grass around the pond. Over the last few years, the moorhens have chosen to nest here, producing several families each season.

The moorhen chicks leave the pond.

The only camera we had with us was the one on my son’s phone, so thanks to him for the pictures.

As today was World Oceans Day, I suppose you could look on our trip to see the creatures in our local pond as a celebration of that on a very minor scale!


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