The Little Egg Mystery

A bit of a mystery for my post today, June 7th. We discovered a small, white egg with two or three short, whitish feathers attached to it, under the apple tree in the back garden.

This egg seemed to be whole and it looked like there were some faint, brown flecks on it. It was about one inch (two-and-a-half centimetres) long. Nearby I found some broken fragments of another, apparently similar, egg.

The egg was about one inch long.

I fished out an “Observer’s Book of Birds’ Eggs” to help with the research. I wondered if it could have been a starling’s egg, which the book says is a  pale glossy blue which quickly fades to white. That doesn’t, of course, account for the browny flecks. However, starlings have been nesting closeby in the neighbours’ guttering. And the book does mention that occasionally you may find an egg laid on the ground. The feathers attached to the egg could have come from a variety of sources.

We also found part of another egg near a pot containing a tomato plant at the other end of the garden. This was actually a pale blue, with some rather more distinct brown flecks, but I found the blue colour very difficult to bring out in my pictures. I would say this egg was about the same size as the other one.

I thought the second egg might belong to a blackbird. We have blackbirds nesting again this season in a pyracantha at this end of the garden.


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