The Rain Kept Falling

A walk in the rain for me today, Tuesday,  June 6th. By the early afternoon, it didn’t seem as though there would be a let-up in the dampness, so I grabbed my waterproof coat and went for a wet wander.

Along the pavements and roadways, there were loads of puddles.  Little rivulets and streams of water were meandering everywhere. The rain clattered on to my hood, dripping on my specs and on my nose.

At the local pond, the raindrops ricocheted into bigger and bigger circles in the water and in the puddles all around. Even the few ducks which I could see didn’t seem very cheerful!  I was pleased to see there was one duckling and also one moorhen chick with an adult. After 20 minutes, my trousers were soaked – why didn’t I think to wear my waterproof ones?!

Turning for home, the wind snatched at my hood.

The dreariness of the weather was relieved by the bright red of some poppies growing near a fence and the chattering of some house sparrows as they nipped in and out of their hedge down an alleyway. A blackbird did sing a little bit.

I’m afraid there was no chance for taking photos.



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