Visiting South Wootton Village Meadow


Back on my own patch, I wandered around the recently established meadow near South Wootton Village Hall this afternoon. One of my main aims was to see if the fox-and-cubs plants had bloomed this year and I was pleased to see there was quite a good patch of this colourful plant and it seems to be spreading.

After that, though, I realised that I should have taken my wild flower book with me as I could not manage to pick out many of the other species! I didn’t venture that far into the meadow as the grasses are very tall and dominate the area. There were a lot of yellow-flowered plants, mostly in the daisy family, like dandelion, but they are so similar!

In an area that had been kept short were forget-me-not, white clover, geraniums and daisies to mention a few. There was also a bit of fungus poking through. There was also a plant with deep blue raggedy petals quite near a hedge.

An eye-catching flower, but I don't know its name!
An eye-catching flower, but I don’t know its name!

I did see one very welcome small tortoiseshell butterfly, several bees, and some other insects. The only head of cow parsley I saw had attracted several stripey insects. Has anyone any idea what the insects in these pictures are?

I also went to see how the greylag goslings were getting on at South Wootton pond and discovered that not only are they now considerably bigger, they have also somehow acquired another similar sized sibling! The others seem to tolerate the newcomer, apart from the adults seem occasionally to try and make sure it stays slightly off to the side.

The six geese go swimming.
The six geese go swimming.

And, finally, I received confirmation today from Norfolk’s County Dragonfly Recorder that the damselflies I photographed at Reffley Reservoir on June 10th were blue-tailed damselflies.


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