Swift Action

30DAYSWILD_ID2 lightorange

My wild moment today turned up not quite on my doorstep, but in the sky above it. I happened to notice from the lounge window early on this morning a familiar sickle shape flying back and forth. A swift.

I hurried outside for a better look. There were about four of the birds sweeping about the sky after insects.

Sometimes they came quite low, it seemed like they were just skimming over the top of the fir tree. One flew over the house, enabling me to get a better view of its streamlined body shape. Then, in moments, they had moved very high up, almost disappearing against the grey, stormy sky.

They were gliding, then they would sweep back their long, narrow wings, forming a sort of arrow shape. They jinked to the side, and round, all the time, no doubt, grabbing food from the insect plankton in the air.

I watched for around 10 minutes, until they’d melted into the dark clouds and I’d got a crick in my neck from trying to follow them! It was impossible to get a photograph, so I’ve had a go at doing a sketch to illustrate my post. It’s not the best of drawings, but I enjoyed creating it, anyway!

Swifts are amazing birds, touching land only to breed. Even mating and sleeping are done on the wing. Their tiny feet are adapted to cling to vertical surfaces and this means they are unable to perch on wires or bushes. They visit Britain from late April to August. We see a handful of swifts around our area most summers.

Thank-you, swifts, for providing me with material for a blog for day 15 – the half-way stage! – of the Wildlife Trusts’ challenge to do something wild every day throughout June. It was exhilarating! I just wish I could have got a photo!



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