Studying Daisies

30DAYSWILD_ID2 lightorange

Today, I have been trying to have a closer look at daisies, so that I can understand more about plants. At the introductory talk given when Norfolk Wildlife Trust launched their latest project to survey County Wildlife Sites and churchyards in Norfolk, we were advised to pull a plant to pieces and look at it closely with a magnifying glass.

So, this afternoon, I tried to do that with the ubiquitous daisy! A daisy is a member of the asteraceae/compositae family, which means that each flower is actually a number of separate flowers all gathered together – ie composites. So, if you pull out each white petal and look at it closely, you can see that it has male and female parts. These plants often form pompoms when they are in seed.

Other members of the compositae family are dandelions, tansy, thistle and fleabane.

I also had a look at various terminology associated with plants. It’s like learning a foreign language! I think a lot of the terms may take quite a lot of remembering!


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