We Go On A Snake Hunt

30DAYSWILD_ID2 lightgreen

Today, I went on a snake hunt. It wasn’t very fruitful. Some of the group saw the tail end of an adder as it slipped away under a piece of tin and someone saw a grass snake and someone else a lizard, but I missed them all!

We did, though, learn a lot about the reptiles from the expert showing us round the wild and wonderful Hudson Fen, near Roydon, about four miles from King’s Lynn. My main image shows part of the adders’ hibernation site.

However, I was delighted to hear a willow warbler singing – we even saw it, though admittedly not well as it was high up in a birch tree! The song is included on the podcast I mentioned in my blog on June 3rd and I’d thought I might have difficulty finding the bird. The warbler sang several times, the song descending the scale, so that was a real bonus.

Far more often we heard the chiff chaff, which looks almost identical to the willow warbler, but which sounds completely different.

During the morning, we saw a buzzard soaring over the tree tops, occasionally making its mewing call.

A cinnabar moth.
A cinnabar moth.

Brimstone, orange tip and speckled wood butterflies also enriched our walk in the warm sunshine. And a fellow member of the Gaywood Valley Conservation Group spotted a cinnabar moth on a piece of grass. In the snake hibernation area, there seemed to be a lot of spiders with funnel type webs.

And I do remember a similar walk a few years ago where I was fortunate enough to see adders and a lizard!


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