Practising My Bird Listening Skills

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As I felt a little under the weather this morning, I thought I’d do something quiet and calming which didn’t require a lot of effort for my third attempt at bringing wildness into my life.

So I listened again to the podcast which accompanies Simon Barnes’ book, “Bird Watching With Your Eyes Closed”. Sixty-six birds are featured on thisΒ  fascinating introduction to birdsong, including blackbird, robin, members of the tit family, wren, willow warbler and nightingale.

I’ve often thought I’d like to be able to recognise more birdsong so when I read about this book in a newspaper article earlier in the year, I treated myself to a copy. The book is divided into sections aiming to introduce things gradually and keep it simple while you get your ears tuned in. You are encouraged to stop and listen carefully whenever you hear a bird singing or calling.

I haven’t found all the birds in the section for the first year of listening yet – maybe some aren’t in my area. But I am taking more notice of what I do hear and I have added a few more species to my memory this season, I’m pleased to say.

On the other hand, I have already come across some of the birds Simon Barnes has included in the “second spring” section – birds like starling, goldfinch and green woodpecker.

The book also includes interesting information on the behaviour of the different species .

I get great pleasure out of listening to birds singing. It adds another dimension to a walk or even just hearing themΒ  in the garden. Tuning into the soundscape really does boost my enjoyment and understanding of the natural world.


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