Bee Rescue

30DAYSWILD_ID2 lightgreen

The highlight of the second day of the Wildlife Trusts’ 30 Days’ Wild was rescuing a small bee from drowning in a water butt. I managed to scoop it out of the water with a yogurt pot and left it hanging on to the underside of a forget-me-not. A few minutes later, I was delighted to see it crawl round to the upperside of the little blue flower and have a slurp of nectar. It later seemed to have flown away. I hope it makes a full recovery.

I hadn’t expected to see much life when I went out into the back garden because the northerly wind was, if anything, stronger than yesterday. It was, at least, dry! I think I may have caught sight of a different type of bee feeding from a flower. As well as the bees, I spotted two little moth-type creatures that may be a type of grass moth. Once or twice, I noticed them fly up and around, possibly interacting together, and they seemed also to enjoy perching on the large leaves of the foxgloves. My photos of them were not ever so clear, maybe I’ll get another chance on a calmer day.

The moth, perching on a foxglove leaf.
The moth, perching on a foxglove leaf.

Our lawn has got a bit wild and has quite a crop of buttercups at present – judging from what I’ve seen of the local area, I think buttercups are having a good season. We have quite a few daisies too, though they had their heads more closed up because of the lack of sun. I think I may have spotted mouse-ear out there, too. I wonder how long they’ll be given a chance to flourish?!

I’m sure I could also hear the chirping of house sparrows, but I never saw them. We used to have quite a few – even young ones – in the garden. I do still encounter them in other parts of the estate, fortunately. There was also a greenfinch supplying background music for my walkabout. And a blackbird appeared from under some bushes and scurried across the lawn.


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